Thursday, March 12, 2009

Give Me A Muh' F*ckin' Break!!!

I knew it...  $1,140 for some kicks?  Wow, who do they think we are?..

I really only wanted the Don's anyway... Guess I gotta put those Lanvins off for now...

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  1. I just picked up a pair of Lanvins high tops in Paris last week. From the looks all the pics I've seen, that price is outrageous for what it seems you're getting.

    The Lanvin has a large mix of different materials (silk, suede, leather, patent leather) and details, which all photos I've seen of the Kanyes are all constructed of the same fabrication. The inside of lanvins are lined in a buttery soft brown leather that is a real treat for the feet.

    These just look like a hybrid of all the hot new types of sneakers out there.