Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amcor 2009 by Studio Groovy

Chair and stool made from an original 1950's Amcor refrigerator... Pretty neat...

How Not To Rob Pt.3

Fat Shoplifter Embarassed and Tackled - Watch more Funny Videos

Cool Clock

"Eye Clock" dessign by Mike Mak

Sylvia Ji

San Fransisco native Sylvia Ji’s portrait are symbolic reflections of herself and people she knows, beautiful curvy women with dreamy landscape and rainbows of colors. Her style is just amazing !!


Great Italian Motorbike Dispaly From The 50's...

Skam Commissioned By Louis Vuitton In Toronto

Lou Reed For Supreme

Somehow Supreme always manages to surprise us. In recent years we saw downtown New York plastered in Kermit posters and Mike Tyson, this season Lou Reed is part of the Supreme Spring/Summer 2009 campaign. In our season preview this week we already showcased the t-shirt, featuirng the musician wearing a Supreme box logo tee, here now a look at the posters.

Lanvin Deck Shoes

Attack Of The 50 Foot Anime Character

Prodigy "Keep It Thoro"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cool Optical Illusion

Cool Optical Illusion - Watch more Funny Videos

Where Are They Now? **UPDATE**

Mac Daddy speaks!!! 

Gucci Bike

Gold Knuckles Mug

The concept of a brass knuckle coffee cup is nothing new.  However, LA design firm P.A.D. has taken the idea to a new level of (luxury?) with the Gold Knuckles Mug.  More of an object of art than a traditional coffee cup, the 14k gold handled mug is safe for drinking.  That is, if you can stomach the $98 retail price per mug.

P.A.D is a Los Angeles design duo comprising of architect Thomas Robertson of Ripple Design and Eli Bonerz, a founder and art director of the XLarge streetwear brand.  As you can tell, the streetwear influence definitely shines through.

Legalize It..

New Bill Wants To Legalize Marijuana In California & Tax It To Raise Money For The State! Bill Wants To Legalize Marijuana In California & Tax It To Raise Money For The State!

"I Can't Feel My Face" Tee

By OriginalFake 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Transformers 2 "Revenge Of The Fallen" Trailer

Armani 5th Avenue by Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas Architects

How To Clean Your Black Jeans

Cue Bench x Disappearing Pool Table

Some sick shit for your crib...  This leather Cue Bench has three stow away shelves; one for cue sticks, two for your billiard balls and two cue trays along the top.  Match it with the Disappearing Pool Table and it's a wrap...

Chanel Segway

Awesome Fucking Hat Bro..

Who Is Your daddy?

And what does he do?..

Hungry? Cop An Obama Roll!

Better than 'Drunken Negro Face Cookies'

How To: Escape From Jail

Erbs Would Love This Chair...

'Celebrating The Cross 1' Lounge Chair by Humans Since 1982

Smoking Kills


The History Of Modern Camouflage

U.S. Army' Woodleaf Pattern 1948
The German Buntfarbenmuster 1918
More Recent 'Pixel' or 'Digital' Camouflage
A French Artist, Louis Guingot, is credited with creating the first camouflage infantry uniforms
Andy Warhol 'Camouflage Last Supper' 1987

More recent camouflage alternatives...

Kaws OriginalFake x Medicom Dissected "Companion" Bearbrick All 3 Colorways


A Bathing Ape founder, Nigo, recently got an early jump on Audemars Piguet’s Carbon Royal Oaks Tourbillon Chronograph Concept watch. Retail for the piece runs at a staggering $251,000. Features include: hand-polished beveling, sides hand-drawn with a file, a matte surface, and a sapphire-blasted Carbon main plate.

Q & A with Cam'ron

Loyalty by Thorough CLD

Available in Red @ RCO in Santa Cruz, Ca starting friday February 27th...

The American Way by Thorough CLD

Available in Black and White @ RCO in Santa Cruz, Ca starting friday February 27th...