Thursday, April 30, 2009

OriginalFake x A Bathing Ape 3rd Year Anniversary Tees

OriginalFake collaborated with A Bathing Ape for their 3rd Year Anniversary on this tee. Pretty sick..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu PSA Circa 1976...

Rise above the propaganda ladies and gentlemen...

Stunting 101

Mercedes-Benz Anliker McClaren SLR 999

30,000 hours to create
$4.3 MILLION in custom work
500 rubies and 24 karat gold accents
Personally I'd prefer Black, but hey...


Lego Candles

3D Chess Board by Ji Lee

Alife Spring/Summer 2009 T Shirt Collection

BAPE x Disney Donald Duck Plush Toy

Black Scale Presents: Bleu Collar Vs. Portishead

Black Scale Presents: Bleu Collar vs Portishead from Bleu Collar on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Play Cloths Dirty Duffel

A Bathing Ape Pirate Store

Pirate Store = A pop up shop, a storefront that only exists for a short period of time that usually sells limited edition pieces exclusive to that particular location... I am loving those full size Teriyaki Boyz figures... Go APE Shit

James Jarvis x Nike Sportswear Short Film

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.

Blvck Scvle for Kvrmvloop Round 2

OriginalFake 4 Foot Dissected Companion

Maestro Knows Episode 6

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Air Yeezy Skate) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Kanye West - Amazing

I know I'm late but I had to post this... Dope visuals, Hype kills it everytime...

Super Flat First Love by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami "Multi-Color Spring Palette" Store Design

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rick Ross "Cold Blood"

Project Mayhem "Lo Sweatas"

Project Mayhem "Lo Sweatas" Music Video from marc moran on Vimeo.

Star Trek Enterprise Project

The Star Trek Series as a brand has reaches far internationally and now with the help of some of today’s most respected artist within the graffiti, pop art, and FX genre’s the USS Enterprise has been interpreted and rendered art. 34 inch long replica cast were created to commemorate the launch of the latest movie, and each of the 24 different models have been on a display tour worldwide. The artist line up includes such names as Mr. Andre, Michael Lau, Robert Rodriguez, House Industries, Jesus Diaz, Olka Osadzinka, Rafael Burgos, and Afro-punks. More information as well the tour location for each piece can be found at The Enterprise Project

Lego Jesus

This post is kinda old, but I figured I'd post it anyway...   The Lego Jesus  is 6 feet tall and is made up of 30,000 pieces.  It was commissioned for Easter by a church in Sweden.


The days of looking for your cell phone charger are over!  The year at the Consumer Electronics Show Powermat launched this cool product which can charge your cell phone, camera, video game system and even laptop simply by resting the device on the mat - no cords!  Coming this fall.


Before and After

Check out this pretty interesting article on the “CEO of Cocaine” who was the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far since Pablo Escobar, with reported global assets of $2.1 billion. Here’s some highlights:

Chupeta [his nickname] continued to direct his narco-trafficking operation from jail, while working on a degree in economics under the tutelage of a fellow convict, later known to the DEA as Copernico. By 2002, Chupeta had completed his sentence and, employing Copernico as an accountant, had begun making his organization even more powerful than before—as part of the Norte del Valle cartel, a loose affiliation of traffickers from the Valle del Cauca region. Chupeta expanded his money-laundering operation, employing a phalanx of legal and financial professionals. His accountants sent him daily reports on Excel spreadsheets, and the activities of his assassins were meticulously logged. “They had to account for every dime,” one law-enforcement source says. Chupeta was soon averaging $70 million a month in profits and investing in dozens of properties and businesses in Colombia. The U.S. Department of Justice would later estimate his global assets were worth some $2.1 billion.

Chupeta took extraordinary care to make sure nobody could eavesdrop on him or his employees. On the rare occasions he talked on the phone, he never discussed business. The members of the organization used their mobile phones only to call other members of their cell. To communicate with Colombia and beyond, Chupeta used encryption software to conceal information within images that could be e-mailed without risk of discovery; as his wife was a devotee of Hello Kitty, he favored pictures of the cartoon cat. Messages to and from Renteria in Cali were sent by couriers carrying envelopes containing DVDs or flash-memory chips.

Although his wife was able to amuse herself by going shopping, the exiled narco-trafficker almost never showed his face outdoors in daylight. Like many convicts, he exercised to help pass the time. “He was absolutely crazy about working out,” Francischini says. Since arriving in Brazil, Chupeta had also embarked on an ambitious program of cosmetic surgery—one that would leave him unrecognizable to anyone who knew him as the good-looking young man from Palmira. In May 2005, Chupeta paid his first visit to the clinic run by Loriti Bruel, a cosmetic surgeon in São Paulo’s wealthy Jardins neighborhood. Bruel performed four peels, lifts to both the nose and eyelids, a rhinoplasty to narrow the nose, and lipo-sculpture, a finely focused form of liposuction usually done on the face and neck. Chupeta paid in cash.

Crazy. He’s currently in jail in Brooklyn.
Check the full article here

Ransom by Adidas Originals Preview

Nike Sportswear Air Trainer I Quickstrike "Linen"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Andy Milonakis "Let Me Twitter That"

This song applies to a lot of people... Myself included...

Supreme Sticker Collection